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Jacob’s farm ventures started at 6 years old, when he meticulously collected wildflower seeds and sold them at his very own booth in Trout Lake, WA’s farmers market. With his earnings and sound advice from his father, Jacob bought himself his very first calf. The irreplaceable experience fueled his lifelong passion for regenerative organic farming, raising superior Highland cattle breeding stock, and exploring the bounty of botanicals in the Gifford-Pinchot and Mt. Adams wilderness areas.

Shruti’s childhood consisted of completely losing track of time when out in the family garden; it was a place of magic, beauty, and constant new life. Her interest in organic and sustainable farming took root during a handful of volunteer opportunities through the WWOOFUSA farm exchange program. With Jacob’s professional nature guiding skills to learn from while we courted, hikes became treasure hunts of wild-foraged finds and lazy, Sunday drives turned into fruit gleaning adventures. Making our home and livelihood in the Gorge community has been a dream come true.