The Gathering

Farmed and Foraged Food

Welcome to Jacob & Shruti Larson’s family farm beside the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We curate farm-to-you weekly harvest baskets, and throw in wild foraged finds from our hiking excursions in the surrounding woods.

Passionate about organic, biodiverse, and regenerative farming practices, we’re steadfastly creating rich soil fertility and a haven for pollinators. The long days of the farm lifestyle are all worth it to us because we believe gathering nutritious food and sharing the harvest has a way of gathering people into vibrant communities.

See you at the White Salmon Farmers Market
this Summer

We Love to Serve The Gorge Community

Our hands-on workshops include tea foraging, medicine-making in the wild, and in-depth, guided nature walks about our local plants & ecosystems. Book a group workshop by emailing gatheringwa@gmail.com.

Our weekly harvest baskets are brimming and picked at the peak of ripeness. We love hiking and cooking, so we also add in wild edibles & recipe suggestions.

Highlands are an old majestic, maternal breed particularly suited for foraging in hill country. Jacob is a Highland cattle specialist providing consultation services for building outstanding herd genetics.


Protecting beneficial insects and pollinators; using only
Organic certified and non-GMO seeds from reputable companies


20+ veggies and fruits
to mimic the balance in nature; using good practices to promote plant vitality and their natural defenses against pests


Treating our customers
like neighbors;
Inspiring stewardship in others


Using natural fertilizers like manure, veggie scraps, and cover crop for building healthy land and soil fertility

Build a
Farmer-to-Family Friendship with Us

Our growing grounds and herd are a gift to steward for generations to come. We’d be delighted to show you our farm operations any time you’d like to visit; our Highland calves would love a petting too.

  • Delicious & nutritious
  • Diverse plant varieties
  • Weekly service June to Sept
  • Organic (non-certified) & regenerative
  • Convenient pick-up points

Visit our Farmers Market stand in White Salmon, WA

A Sampling of this Season’s Harvest

Gourmet Summer Salad Mix

Radish Trio

Wild-foraged Fiddleheads

Heritage Beef Share

Lean and flavorful meat. Purchase 1/16 to 1/2 shares of one of our Highland cows, making about 25-150lbs of finished, premium beef. Wrapped in 1-2 lb packages.
100% grass fed.

Purple Broccolini

Rainbow Carrots

Caserta Zucchini Squash

Italian Basil

Thai Basil


Dino Kale


Check out our Instagram feed for informational videos and farm happenings