Wondering if our weekly Harvest Basket
is for you?

If you say yes to many of the descriptions below,
you’re a good fit for our weekly Harvest Baskets!

  • I want vegetables harvested at their peak of ripeness
  • Cooking is an adventure to me & trying out various recipes is fun
  • I value farmers who deeply care for the environment
  • A few hitchhiking bugs don’t bother me if it means organic farming methods
  • I enjoy eating vegetables in the seasons nature intended them to grow
  • Foraged edibles like fiddleheads, cherries, and wild parsley excite me!
  • Produce grown in nutritious, microbe-rich soil is a priority
  • I want to reduce emissions and give my business to a local farmer
  • I value organic soil amendments
  • I don’t mind supplementing my weekly share with grocery store items
  • I don’t need to customize my weekly share; I trust you to give me what’s ripe
  • I am not okay with GMO-seeds